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Wine Jump

The project for the design of this decanter consists in a textured jump-like Corian surface for the wine to open its full scents while it runs down, before it gets poured into the glass. The design considers a Corian surface, which complies with all beverage industry requirements; in pure white, the background color that better expresses the full color range of a wine. A milled texture on the surface is designed to break the flow of the wine and annihilate any volatile aromas, while the piece is later submitted to a thermoformation process to tilt it in the right angle for gravity to make the liquid run.
Wine Jump presents an elegant manner to translate the wine from the bottle to the glass, offering a full experience to the customer: from unveiling its wide colour range, its texture or its density – visual phase – to expressing its scents – olfactory phase – in order to conclude with its most genuine taste in mouth – gustative phase –.

(*) This design has been developed within the context of the BODEGA Research Group, participated by SALA FERUSIC Architects, Appareil and the AA Architectural Association School of Architecture London (via AAVS Barcelona), along with he collaboration of Media Design and Corian by DuPont.