sala ferusicThe North Bank The north bank of the Miljacka River
The North Bank / research / 2011
The north bank of the Miljacka River
The transformation of the north bank of the Miljacka River, based on the socioeconomic, spatial and urban interventions
sala ferusicCity Hub Re-think Catalunya Square
City Hub / research / 2011
Re-think Catalunya Square
City Hub is a dynamic interconnection space between the infrastructures, the public space, and the multipurpose buildings
sala ferusicThe Plug Inn / Dorm in IIT Residential Device in the IIT Campus
The Plug Inn / Dorm in IIT / research / 2008
Residential Device in the IIT Campus
IIT / Chicago / USA
This residential habitat in the campus of the IIT is developed through an adaptive system of capsules that are plugged into the inputs and outputs of the upper plate.

ACXT IDOM International Award / 2010

Exhibited at the ‘III Muestra de PFC
  by the X Bienal Española de Arquitectura / 2009

Published in AV Proyectos, number 37 / 2010
sala ferusicT.R.A.S.H. Well-being Center at Swiss Alps
T.R.A.S.H. / research / 2005
Well-being Center at Swiss Alps
Adelboden / Switzerland
A territory superposed mesh is deformed by the its influence, generating a geometrical element which is able to give the response to all programatic and environmental needs.

Selected Project by the ETSAB / 2005

Exhibited at the ‘Collegium Artisticum 2006’  by the ASAS in Sarajevo / 2006
sala ferusicCaleidoscope Camp Hostel
Caleidoscope / research / 2005
Camp Hostel
Bruguers / Barcelona / Spain
The remnants of the surrounding become part of the interior of the module: the space shows the views and mixes them, by setting several openings in the façade and the roof, performing a caleidoscope. 
sala ferusicCastellciuró Space for leisure time
Castellciuró / research / 2003
Space for leisure time
Molins de Rei / Barcelona / Spain
The programme is developed along three plans that adapt its own geometry to the environment, whereas they adapt the environment to the users.