sala ferusicClass in Glass Lingerie Boutique
Class in Glass / competition / 2015
Lingerie Boutique
Barcelona, España
Glass – in its highest expression – is the material that infuses elegance to this store just over fifty meters square.
sala ferusicGateways Public park in Wynwood
Gateways / competition / 2014
Public park in Wynwood
Miami, USA
The proposal pursues the convergence of several urban activities in one collective, sustainable and interactive urban space 
Competition second phase / 2014
sala ferusicAl Fresco Self-managed urban instalation
Al Fresco / competition / 2013
Self-managed urban instalation
Barcelona, España
Proposal for a low-cost, adaptative and responsive urban installation, which is transformed in real time by the users of the collective space.
sala ferusic1916 1916 Centenary chapel
1916 / competition / 2013
1916 Centenary chapel
Glasnevin, Ireland
The proposal for the 1916 Eastern Rising memorial chapel pursues the creation of luminous spaces, where the geometry and the structure become their generating elements.
sala ferusicLaps-de-temps Pedestrian and bicycle bridge
Laps-de-temps / competition / 2012
Pedestrian and bicycle bridge
Pont du Mont Blanc, Genève
The bridge is generated from pedestrian and cyclist flows. On the geometrical level, prevails the concept of travelling over the concept of the arrival.
sala ferusicPorocity Badel Block
Porocity / competition / 2012
Badel Block
Zagreb, Croatia
The proposal for Badel Block has been conceived as a porous urban fabric, based on an intergenerational and mixed-use program.
sala ferusicEl Feraç Social cultural center
El Feraç / competition / 2012
Social cultural center
Alfarrás, España
Proposal for a cultural facility as an urban activator, which was conceived through the social, economic and environmental criteria. 
Finalist at the restricted competition / 2012
sala ferusicBig Fish Headquarters of the Biosphere Reserve
Big Fish / competition / 2011
Headquarters of the Biosphere Reserve
The building is conceived as an informative pathway that organizes the program spaces and guides the visitor
sala ferusic8uit Public Library
8uit / competition / 2010
Public Library
Caldes de Malavella / Girona / Spain
In the project for the new public library, the light comes into the building in order to dynamize the users circulations and organize the space in its way.
sala ferusicFoam Cultural Center
Foam / competition / 2010
Cultural Center
Roses / Girona / Spain
The Cultural Centre has been considered from the idea of the sea foam, as the volume has been fluffed through a patio that spreads the natural light into the building.
sala ferusicThe Egg Center for the Promotion of the Science
The Egg / competition / 2010
Center for the Promotion of the Science
Blok 39 / Belgrade / Serbia
The urban concept for Blok 39 is based on an organic pattern taken from the organizational scheme of a tissue of vegetal cells, whereas the topography makes the final distinction between spaces.
sala ferusicL'H2O El Repartidor Square
L'H2O / competition / 2009
El Repartidor Square
Hospitalet del Llobregat / Barcelona / Spain
‘El Repartidor’ rather than a square is a crossroads that has witnessed ‘l’Hospitalet’ growth, it is the scenario for countless stories of the people that make this city, their neighbours.

Second Prize in Public Competition / 2009

Exhibited at the ‘Collegium Artisticum 2010’ by ASAS en Sarajevo / 2010

sala ferusicEmotivne Topografije Memorial Museum
Emotivne Topografije / competition / 2009
Memorial Museum
Srebrenica-Potocari / BiH
The terrain distortion forms a topography which grows upwards, to enhance the future of the new generations, while another one falls downwards and connects with the past.

Special Mention in International Competition / 2009

Exhibited at 'Institute for Bosnian Culture' in Sarajevo / 2009
sala ferusicSDDUB Student Housing
SDDUB / competition / 2009
Student Housing
Dubrovnik / Croatia
The student housing is organized by self-standing cells that come together to form a ‘Micro Massive Housing’, where a mesh design organizes the swarm.

Honourable Mention in Public Competition / 2009

Exhibited at Dubrovnik University / 2009
sala ferusicSip Sip Public School
Sip / competition / 2009
Sip Public School
Sarajevo / BiH
A complex and exaggerated urban and topographic context becomes the right excuse to generate this building and to dynamize the sequence of uses. 
sala ferusicNauB Concert Hall and Dancing School
NauB / competition / 2008
Concert Hall and Dancing School
Granollers / Barcelona / Spain
It is a must to enhance the functional, visual programmatic relationship of this building to the square, which appears as an outdoor extension of the Concert Hall.
sala ferusicASUSA Preforming Arts Academy
ASUSA / competition / 2008
Preforming Arts Academy
Sarajevo / BiH
The building origins a relationship in which the city becomes the audience of the Performing Arts, and the actors turn into the spectators the of daily urban scenes.

Finalist in Public Competition / 2008
sala ferusicSusreti Pedestrian Bridge of Fine Arts Academy
Susreti / competition / 2007
Pedestrian Bridge of Fine Arts Academy
Sarajevo / BiH
The bridge is a response, in a common language but with different accent, to both sides of the river and their rythm, creating the pretext and the context for new urban activities.

Third Prize in Public Competition / 2007
sala ferusicKCZ Zagreb Congress Center
KCZ / competition / 2005
Zagreb Congress Center
Zagreb / Croatia
The Congress Center is designed as a living being, a monster that has been caught by the consolidated urban environment and that just shows its head.